Children at The Oak Tree Nursery and Pre-school in Whitchurch have taken part in a sponsored ‘welly-wanging’ event, which has so far raised over £1,000* towards the cost of a specialised wheelchair for one of their friends at nursery.

Winding up for a welly-good throw...

Children in the Oaks room (three to five year olds) took turns to throw a Wellington boot, and their friends and families sponsored them according to how far it went. There were plenty of enthusiastic throwers, with the best well-wanger covering a distance of over 7m.

Measuring the welly-long distance thrown.

Room head, Bridget Smith, says: “The children had great fun raising the money, and learnt a great deal from taking part. There was plenty of opportunity to practice gross motor skills with the throwing, as well as their number skills as they helped measure and record the distances. They also learnt more about the needs of people with disabilities and how their actions can help others.”

For further information, call :
Kaye Lant, manager, The Oak Tree Nursery and Pre-school Ltd
Tel: 01256 895577 or e-mail her HERE (email goes to her, not to this website)

*Funds are still coming in