Well, it’s all over; the match that everyone had been waiting for.
Farnborough 0, Reading 1.

Oh, sorry, did you you mean that other game, Netherlands 0, Spain 1 ?

What a game. All those yellow cards had the cheers and groans eminating from the supporters of both sides.

Many pubs throughout the country have taken the golden opportunity to show the World Cup games to combat the difficult times much of the trade has been going through. Just think if England had been in the final! At least the first medal awarded went to England – the referee!

The TV - won off the wall

Here in Whitchurch, the White Hart, the Kings Arms, the Prince Regent and the Social Club have all had Big Screen matches to attract the customers.

Down at the Hart, Andy and Julie have been running an innovative raffle throughout the tournament – with the winner taking the 50″ TV the matches were being shown on, off the wall.

Tonight as beer flowed and goals were missed, the Draw was finally made as the full time whistle blew.

The winner was Gary Ford who now takes the main prize.

Now all we need to wait for is Leicester v Reading – it’s on Sky too on August 28th. The White Hart has Sky and Leicester is Andy’s team (or so we hear).

“Come on URZs” (Reading that is).

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