It seems like just the other day we were celebrating the fantastic results* of Whitchurch students – and now today another school year has begun for the primary school – in a whirlwind!

Testbourne students return this week too – tomorrow for years 7 and 11; and everyone on 8th.

Best wishes to all the youth that are back to the books – and congratulations to all the parents.

*The Basingstoke Gazette reported last week that “80 per cent of Testbourne students achieved five A* to C grades, while 66 per cent of them scored the same grades including Maths and English.”

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  • Harriet Titcomb

    Dear Ed

    My comment is aimed at the year seven parents whose children started today, Wednesday September 7th. How lucky they are, Testbourne really does care. Today the year 11’s took personal care of the year 7’s in their tutor group, showing them around, collecting and delivering them to wherever they needed to be. The atmosphere was lively, fun and overwhelmingly helpful.
    Hopefully they will always remember this first day as one of friendliness and care. We should be very proud to have this Outstanding school on our doorstep.

    Harriet Titcomb, member of staff at Testbourne.

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