There was a preponderance of Royal wedding parties and get-togethers around Whitchurch on Friday afternoon as local residents joined together to celebrate the joyous occasion. All over town small, and not so small groups of friends and neighbours used the day to simply have some fun.

Parties around the houses…
At one party, over 40 residents joined together, enjoying a scrumptious real sausage BBQ with real ale from a local brewery, while just across the road children jumped, laughed, and yes they screamed, as they enjoyed a bouncy castle as big as a house!
All around the town groups of various sizes got together to meet, greet and chat as neighbours and friends celebrated in the Whitchurch community spirit. Neighbours who often only pass in the street or on the way to work became closer and learned more of each other as the kindred spirit took hold.

Blue Sapphire!

And in the Pubs…
Pubs of the town did a good trade with the White Hart running a full day of ‘Royal’ activities from breakfasts and coverage of the wedding to the childrens’ entertainer and the special Royal Wedding ale from Arkells – aptly named Blue Sapphire. The evening saw a packed fancy dress ‘Royal’ disco with revellers dancing into the night.

While at the Meadow…
Meanwhile down on the Meadow an unusual party took place – a Royal Weeding – of the nettles!
It was wonderful to see such an innovative celebration combining fun with a very useful need.
(see the special report and pictures HERE)
The whole day has brought people together, just like the parties of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee in 2002 when parties were also held throughout the town.

And in 2012…
Next year is the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of her reign.
Only one other monarch has reached such an anniversary, and that was Queen Victoria. Special celebrations are planned for the event from 2nd – 5th June 2012.

How will Whitchurch mark that occasion?

If anyone has any ideas or plans please send them to

Don’t throw that bunting away!