Take care if using the footpath behind the Primary School.

Reports have been received that a motorcyclist has been seen using the path behind the Primary School that leads from Alliston/McFauld Way to the end of Town Mill Lane.

Many people use the path.

This path is regularly used by families with children and buggies, owners exercising dogs and leisure walkers. The path is a prime route to both of the schools and to the recreation ground.

It is both dangerous and illegal and could result in someone being seriously injured and possibly killed.

The number of the vehicle has been reported to the Police, but in the meantime users of the path are warned that this may still be occurring and to take particular care.

Anyone seeing this should also report instances to 101.


UPDATED 24th May 2013:
The motorcyclist has been “picked up” by the Police.
See update: HERE

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