A local business group has claimed that the established registered charity Whitchurch Association has “diverted” SEEDA provided public funding to support volunteer community activities rather than commercial advertising.

The privately-run Working4Whitchurch website has published the assertions after a new community noticeboard was erected outside the Gill Nethercott Centre in Winchester Road last week.

In its headline article “Where’s the Missing Board” it claims public finance was handed over to the Association to erect a board for business use, but that the funds “appear to have been spent elsewhere”.

The website is run by Phil Cooper who was unavailable for comment.

Working4Whitchurch was the organisation that assisted with the ‘Whitchurch Business Centre’ that was closed down last year after incurring costs of over £30,000.
It is not known who makes up their membership.



See the earlier article on the Board’s installation including how to submit items for the board HERE

The board is available to all to use; just drop your notices into either the Town Hall or the Gill Nethercott Centre and they will be displayed for you. Local community events will be given priority, but any local business can also submit material.
Free advertising is also available on this community-owned website, simply email contact@whitchurch.org.uk.
It is also possible to add and edit your own material.

Details of other SEEDA funded projects and their status are listed HERE.