The only flying Avro Vulcan bomber, XH558, flew directly over the town twice this weekend, causing a flurry of postings on the town’s Facebook pages.
Fiona McDonald quickly snapped this image as it went over.

The distinctive delta wing aircraft was originally designed to carry nuclear weapons and carried Britain’s first nuclear bomb – the Blue Danube. The XH558 (The Spirit of Great Britain) is presently based at Doncaster.

Whitchurch has seen it several times this year as it flies to and from airshows. Last weekend it flew over CarFest, while this weekend it has carried out displays at Bournemouth and Shoreham.

The engine noise as it came over the northern ridge of the town to fly right over the town centre had many running out into their gardens. On Sunday it was exceptionally low as it flew below the 2000′ cloud level.

Aircraft from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, including one of the last two flying Lancasters, have also passed over the town recently.

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