The WA have been awarded the coveted Visible Difference accreditation after almost 3 years of work. Last November the association spent a day with an assessor going over governance, policies, health & safety and finance amongst other things. They met with trustees, users and partners.

We have some conditions to meet but these were expected.  Below are a few words taken from the report. We are really pleased and can now add the accreditation to grant applications which will be beneficial in demonstrating our commitment to projects.

And we get a pretty certificate to hang up.

‘The Board of Trustees includes representatives from a range of local groups and local residents all of whom demonstrate a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities. These Trustees are highly skilled and respected local representatives who have demonstrated excellent governance, have a clear organisational membership structure and have a commitment to safeguard the centre and its role as a key local hub. Particular management strengths were noted by the assessor in financial and health and safety areas, systems were clearly robust and planned effectively, communicated clearly to all Trustees and knowledge of current policy and procedure was evident.

The organisation has a manager and a weekend supervisor, who have clearly contributed to the overall development and sustainability of the organisation, particularly the increase in revenue for the centre via room bookings and new services. This diversification of income has enabled the manager post to be retained following the conclusion of the Borough Council grant. The staff team, Trustees and volunteers should be commended for their joint efforts in developing the Whitchurch Association and the centre. The assessor noted the excellent links locally, the range of partnerships and the high praise and support shown by the stakeholders.

The organisation is an unincorporated charity, managed by 12 Trustees, 7 of whom took part in the Assessment Day and demonstrated a clear understanding of their roles and responsibilities, including the newest trustee. The Trustees have an excellent knowledge of the organisations activities, its vision and operating principles and are very well placed to manage the day to day operations of the charity and the strategic direction of the organisation for the future’.

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