The following has been posted on a local Facebook page by our neighbours at St Mary Bourne (Bourne Valley Signpost).

The attack is reported as taking place early yesterday evening (Friday 19th July).


“BVSP report that a father was attacked in St Mary Bourne today on the Egbury Road in front of his 6 year-old daughter and wife. Two “men” (who had tailgated from Whitchurch) pulled up their BMW convertible as he pulled his mini in to let them pass.

“When he got out of his car to see what their problem was the cowards knocked him down. They kicked him several times in the head. There was a great deal of blood and the man was badly injured.

“A local man bravely stopped and tried to get the car keys of the BMW but the attackers threatened him. The cowards sped off towards Hurstbourne Tarrant.

“We hope that the victim and his family will recover and we wish them well.”

We suggest that if anyone knows anything they contact the Police on 101

The Whitchurch town website has asked the police for comment.

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  • david andrew martin

    hope they catch the scumbags that did this to the innocent party, get well soon to the victim

  • Penny Turner

    Poor, poor man. Hope he recovers fully and soon, and thoughts to his family who had to see it.

    This is a very distinctive car, and with several witnesses, and CCTV everywhere, we need an arrest on this one quickly – sounds like pure luck it wasn’t a murder.

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