footballA parent has posted the following on the town website’s associated Facebook account following vandalism.

As a parent and a member of the committee at Whitchurch United FC. I’d just like to make the complete idiot(s) that decided to use the Testbourne field and particularly the pitch that the majority of our training and play matches on as some sort of off road course!

We have had to cancel matches this morning (Saturday 11th march). We have many upset & disappointed children some of which would have been up early to travel to play our boys.

You are completely disrespectful to property, to the people that give up hours upon hours of their free time to make sure these children have an opportunity to play a sport they love and above all you are disrespectful of every child, parent and family member that were due to be there today all for 5 minutes of showing off!

If ANYONE knows who was responsible for this please let either the football club or Testbourne know.
Thank you


It has since been reported that youngsters from Fordingbridge arrived and had to return home, while the referee who had travelled to Whitchurch still required payment.
If anyone knows anything please make contact.