Whitchurch will now lose out from the possibility of a prestigious award due to unwanton vandalism over the weekend.

The below has been received from Kevin Durant, Whitchurch Station Master, who has been doing so much to brighten up the station and make it a pleasant place for passengers.
His words say it all!

As many of you are aware, I have attempted to make Whitchurch Railway Station ‘a prettier place’ by placing flowers onto the platforms in ‘railway wagon’ style, custom built planters. These were a considerable expense to me personally, not South West Trains.

In the short time they have been on display, they have twice been vandalised and had flowers stolen.

This happens at the weekend as I arrive on a Monday morning to carnage!!

I am now left with no alternative other than to remove the planters from the platforms. It is a great shame as I have recieved many fantastic comments from passengers and SWT about them.

Furthermore, Whitchurch Railway Station will no longer be entered into the ‘Station Pride’ award as a direct result of this.

A handful of IDIOTS have ruined it for all!!!!!!

The sceptics amongst you may say, “they were obviously going to get stolen”. Well that may be the case. What I cannot understand is why so many different stations in differents areas and class structures are able to have a station where vandals are absent!!

Luckily though, the planter that recieved the attention from the IDIOT(S) last weekend was being watched by CCTV. The British Transport Police have been informed and will be using their powers to bring these people to justice.

Note: These are the views of me and not necessary the views of South West Trains or any other Railway Company.

If anyone has seen anything they can telephone British Transport Police on 02073200999,
The crime reference number is H03/0322942011.

Also see: RAILWAY STATION IMPROVEMENTS which shows some of the planters and hard work that Kev has undertaken.