Now that the weather seems to be improving, more of us will be out enjoying the public rights of way around Whitchurch. Wooden Footpath sign

Please be aware that there are four types of public right of way:
Footpaths are designated for walking……an example is the path alongside the river to Fulling Mill. Please note that the new footpath from Bere Mill Lane to Wells-in-the-Field is unique locally in also being a permissive cycle way.
Bridleways are for walking, horse riding and cycling.
Restricted Byways are for walking, cycling, horse riding and horse drawn carriages (or other non-motorised vehicles).
Byways Open to All Traffic are for walking, cycling, horse riding, horse drawn carriages and motorised vehicles. Most do not have a surface suitable for ordinary motor traffic.
In Hampshire wheelchairs and pushchairs may be used on all rights of way, but some paths may not be suitable for this use if there are stiles or uneven surfaces.
Other Paths
A Permissive Footpath can be used by the public with the landowner’s permission. This permission can be withdrawn at any time. These routes are not public rights of way.
If you stray from a right of way onto land with no other rights of public access, you are committing a trespass against the landowner. If in doubt please consult the online definitive map for Hampshire, which shows all the path designations; if you click on a particular path it will give you the footpath number and any issues affecting that right of way. Definitive Map

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