Reports of a bright star like object passing quickly over the sky above Whitchurch are not an invasion from outer space.
The small bright object is the ISS, the International Space Station, which is passing over the south of England this week. On Monday evening it passed directly over the top of Whitchurch.

ISS over Whitchurch on Tuesday evening

It can be seen approaching from the west and timings can be found using an online tool HERE
On Wednesday evening (20th Feb) it passes over at 6.04pm and should be visible, if the sky is clear, for just over six minutes.

The ISS is the largest artificial structure in space (unless those pesky aliens have built something) and orbits at between 205 and 255 miles above the earth.

It presently has six crew on board carrying out various scientific activities.
There was an interesting situation today (Tuesday) when the station lost communications with the ground but this has happily been restored, so give them a wave when they next fly over.

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