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Whitchurch's Millennium Green - The Meadow - September 2012.

The Trustees were keen to mark the contribution and commitment of Graham Burgess and Linda Cowley, original trustees to the Whitchurch Millennium Green Trust, when they both retired from the Trust at the Annual General Meeting on 11 October 2012.


The AGM meeting was devoted to them and those present enjoyed an excellent presentation from Katya Popova who had  managed to gather photographs ranging from the dinosaur age through to this summer – some lovely memories were evoked by the photographs of events held on the Meadow over the years.

In thanking the Trustees for their gift, Graham treated everyone to a presentation that he had prepared which evoked even more memories.  All in all, it was a fitting send off to Graham and Linda who have worked so hard on behalf of the Meadow; everyone said a heart-felt “thank you” to both of them, as they helped to make the Meadow what it is today!


Going forward, the Trustees are hoping that they will be able to attract new Trustees and they have decided that they will not appoint a successor to Graham as Chairman until a suitable person is found, instead, the existing Trustees will each take a turn as Chairman of the Trust.

Graham Burgess said, “Life is a labyrinth and the two presentations revealed all sorts of historical aspects and it was felt a more full history should be created and it should be visible to all.”

He continued, “The presentations revealed complexity and many challenges to do with handing on the baton of responsibility.”

An article about the Meadow AGM is on the Whitchurch Meadow website HERE.

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