Tufton Intersection – Thursday 14th Nov, 8am – please come along

For the last year locals have been petitioning the Highways Agency and elected representatives to improve safety at the Tufton A34 sliproad intersection. The Highways Agency have again advised that as no fatalities have occurred they are not interested in looking any further at improving the safety of the intersection and that established cost/benefit models must be adhered to. All details of the campaign are at http://tuftonordeath.blogspot.co.uk/

While the Highways Agency have refused to act, the problem has been ongoing. In the last few weeks the following incidents were witnessed and reported on local websites:

“Around 12:15 today I was driving behind a car that also exited A34 at Tufton. As he drove towards the underpass he moved into the oncoming lane and indicated for the A34 southbound ramp. Thank goodness no one coming towards us, especially any family out for a bicycle ride.”


“Driving out to Tufton the week before last we witnessed a car, having gone up the slip road the wrong way, come face to face with an ambulance coming down. The ambulance used its blue lights to warn other drivers, whilst the car driver did a three point turn and came back down”

Two classic examples of the dangers the intersection leads unwitting drivers into, in either direction. It is the belief of residents that the intersection is deeply flawed in its basic design.

Now local media including the Andover Advertiser, Basingstoke Gazette, BBC Solent and other outlets want to hear from locals, and have requested a photo/TV shoot and interviews at the intersection next week.

The day and time is Thursday the 14th November, 8am.

Locals are asked to RSVP to tuftonordeath@gmail.com so organisers can get an idea of potential numbers. The request is for as many people as possible to be heard, seen, and to put pressure on the Highways Agency to take action before someone is killed. Organisers request that as this is a dangerous location, please park well down Nun’s Walk and not on Winchester Road or under the A34 overpass.

Please share and pass this on to friends, relatives, neighbours and local groups.

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  • blue fox

    Will Sir George Young and/or Tom Thacker be in attendance………….?


    Edit note: Can the organiser of the meet say?

    • Mike Stead

      George Young has given his apologies, no response from Tom Thacker – he has been reminded/re-invited today. Either way having politicians onsite isn’t the main thing, neither of them live here. It’s about gauging the local concern and hopefully growing media interest in this to pressure a re-think before someone is killed or hurt.

      Andover Advertiser and Basingstoke Gazzette are sending a photographer. BBC outlets and others have been invited and reminded.

      If it’s a dismal showing I guess we’ll just have to sit back and wait for funding via a funeral. Please, if you can spare 10 minutes out of your morning do pop down. At least it’ll be dry 🙂

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