Tryst Seat on Meadow, during installation

The memorial Tryst Seat is installed on the Meadow.

A seat which commemorates Alison Wall, Anna Nason and Gill Nethercott – three ladies who were key in the formation of the Meadow and its charity Trust – has been installed. Sadly, all three are no longer with us.

Three interconnected benches in the shape of fish were installed around a planting of three trees which will, over the years, see its branches intertwine. Each bench has initials of one of the ladies: AW, AN and GN.

Many in the Whitchurch community undertook fundraising events over the past couple of years to raise the necessary funds. The recent lottery grant for the Meadow ensured the project’s successful completion.

Local builder Tony Hardy was contracted to do the installation work. In addition, new picnic tables, benches and notice boards have also been installed.

The Tryst Seat was orginally designed by Graham Burgess, chairman of the Meadow’s trustees – each lady is represented by a fish swimming in their own direction yet bound to bringing community benefits.

Further details and photographs are on the WHITCHURCH MEADOW website.

The charity has also recently launched an online donation page to help raise funds for day-to-day ongoing maintenance at the Meadow.