Halloween can be a fun time as is shown by various events and activities around the town, from fancy dress discos to pumpkin carving.

But for some in can be quite frightening or intimidating.

The growing practice of ‘Trick or Treat’ has created divided opinions – harmless fun or intimidation by blackmail.
While there are households whose residents participates by handing out sweets or other goodies to those who knock, there are also the more vulnerable who shake with fear at what that dreaded knock may lead to.

Advice has been issued by the Police for both those who take part and for those who wish to keep their doors closed and posters are downloadable from their website to display in windows.
Those taking part are asked to respect households displaying such notices.

Local shops are also being asked not to sell eggs or flour to under 16s in the days leading up to 31st October, and a poster is also available for them.

To obtain posters and to see the advice visit:
Hampshire Constabulary – HALLOWEEN

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