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Could this be the fate of numerous trees between the Test River and Test Road?

A report given by Cllr John Clark at the February 2012 full Whitchurch Town Council meeting revealed that a number of trees between Test Road and the River Test may be felled. The trees are within the Conservation Area.

The Basingstoke & Deane Borouch Council’s Tree Officer informed Cllr Clark and Cllr Thomas of the landowner’s proposal at a meeting. It is believed that the landowner wants to fell 39 trees.

A ‘Notice of Intent’ must be given to the Borough Council who can only ‘raise no objection’ or apply tree preservation orders. An attempt by this website to contact the B&DBC Tree Officer was unsuccessful as he is away until a week Tuesday.

The minutes from the Town Council meeting state that Cllr John Clark and Cllr Linda Thomas expressed the Town Council’s concerns about the immediate loss of so many trees.

Cllr Clark said, “We walked the land, and the tree surgeon pointed out work that the owner is considering having carried out. That proposal does include the felling of a number of trees. The tree surgeon went away with the comments from the three of us to relay back to his client. It is proposed that the work would be carried out over a period of 2 years.”

He added, “There is no planning proposal at the moment, and there is no timescale for one.”

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