Alliston Way

We have received information that Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council is proposing that land for a highway be allocated across Daniel Park to allow access for possibly 200 homes at the Knowlings.

Those who campaigned for Daniel Park to be an Open Space forever as a Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Field say this would be a “breach of trust”.

Others claim that Alliston Way is not suitable for traffic access to 200 houses. Whitchurch Borough Councillor calls it “insane”.

Basingstoke & Deane are proposing this land allocation be approved on 6th March, yet there has been no local consultation.


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  • Keith Watts

    Whatever you feel about our own Borough Council’s scheming you are likely to be most disappointed that “Fields in Trust” have apparently agreed to this behind the backs of elected councillors and the people who campaigned for this to be preserved for ever for recreation as a Queen Elizabeth II Field.

    The Chief Executive of “Fields in Trust” is

  • Karin

    Where do I sign to oppose to this INSANITY?

  • Keith Watts

    Kathy Edwards will be organising a petition against this decision to retain land for a road.

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