With Basingstoke and Deane officers planning ahead for a possible road for 200 houses across Daniel Park concerns are mounting over the levels of traffic that would be using the area.
Campaigners say that despite there being alternative options for access to the Knowlings Field the officers are discounting them in favour of recommending that Alliston Way/Daniel Road is the only viable access.

More vehicle movements – 600 extra every day?
The route they propose is already suffering traffic problems and dangers.
Estimates are that there could be more than 600 additional vehicle movements every day on the roads which are already effectively single lane due to parking.
The route includes passing the town’s main recreation ground and Alliston Way is the only vehicle access from the town to the Primary School.

Red tint shows the land for a highway across Daniel Park

The true extent shown
Meanwhile campaigners measured out the land with markers over the weekend to show the true extent of the proposals over Daniel Park. They would result in the highway cutting a major swathe through the land adjacent to the Skateboard Park and BMX track, while the football area would almost certainly be lost due to its proximity to the road.

Land for highway near Primary School

School gates could be affected
In addition the proposals include adding an additional 5.5 metres to the width of Daniel Road, right up to the school gates. The need for this land has yet to be explained.
Several parents have expressed worry for the future and comment from the school has been requested. Indeed it seems the school were not even made aware of the proposals.

At a Council meeting two weeks ago the decision was made that the Alliston Way/Daniel Road access should be removed from the final recommendations, but the officers have disregarded that, without explanation, in their report for approval.
Residents are bewildered at this, asking what has happened to democracy and how the lack of consultation and disregard for local opinion fits in with the much heralded principles of Localism.

Decision time
Local Councillors and residents are urged to attend the meeting at Basingstoke Civic Offices on Tuesday evening
See: Will Democracy Prevail

Views should also be sent to the Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Finance and Property: cllr.ranil.jayawardena@basingstoke.gov.uk

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