The fine crisp and frosty weather brought plenty of people out into the town centre this morning, many deciding to do much of their Christmas shopping in the local shops.
With the nearby towns of Basingstoke, Andover and Winchester solid with crowded streets and packed malls, the attraction of small local businesses with personal service, as there are in Whitchurch, shines through.

A sunny day in the town centre

And while local people used the local shops the town continued with the typical life of a small country town.

Under the trees
Below the Town Hall’s Christmas trees, stalls had been set up selling toys and all sorts of goodies, while adjacent the Cat’s Protection were raising funds with Christmas cards, calendars and other items.
The Torch Relay Petition was gaining many signatures as the campaign to get the Olympic flame to come through the town next year gathered momentum, with several hundred more showing support.
Have you signed yet?

Work goes on while people meet
Meanwhile around the corner the pavements outside the Co-op, scene of the explosion that caused this week’s power cuts, were being reinstated.
Throughout all this, people met, chatted and greeted each other.

Supporting a local town is not only good for the stress levels, but it is also fun and sociable.

How many more days left to enjoy shop locally before Christmas?

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