Whitchurch Town Centre

Local shopkeepers met last night in the Town Hall to look at their combined plans for the rest of the year.

A pleasant place to shop
The traders discussed a wide range of topics and ideas, with a focus of making the town centre a much more pleasant place to shop, which will have a knock-on effect on the success of their own businesses.

Bunting and flags
Ideas included possible links to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Flower Festival and the Olympics.
The shopkeepers heard that the Town Council will be providing red white and blue bunting for the five main streets from the Square for the Jubilee. In addition Union Flags will be placed on the existing brackets. Current Mayor Cllr Barry Jackman also introduced Cllr Jackie Day who will be taking the chain of office for the next mayoral year on May 14th. Cllr Lin Thomas is to be the deputy.

Planning ahead
Preliminary ideas were discussed for the 2012 Christmas festivities with trees, lights and special events all in the pipeline. A further meeting is to be arranged later in the Summer to firm up on the Christmas plans.

The Public toilets issue
Discussion on the continued availability of the Whitchurch toilets in Bell Street led to requests that as many comments and opinions as possible should be sent to the Town Council. Their use to shoppers, both local and visitors, is an important consideration. There is an article and links HERE

Local shopping encouraged
Whitchurch has a growing number of smaller specialist shops making it a good place to wander around. Shopping locally is to be encouraged rather than making longer trips that may not always be necessary when local produce and services are readily available.

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  • Matthew Dowling

    I think the biggest problem facing shops in Whitchurch at the moment is that our main asset of free parking seems to be constantly full of cars that have been left by people who don’t live or shop here and use it as a meeting place to travel onto work in one car or seem to be using it as parking for the station. I admit I have no solution to this as I wouldn’t want to see a charge but I know it makes it hard for our customers who are usually elderly and traveling from out of town by car.

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