You don’t always have to complain

While out in the town, the Town Website team received a comment regarding leaves on the Town Hall forecourt and that they had not been cleared properly – or at least not to the satisfaction of this resident. It led to some interesting discussion.

Leaves are shed
Each year the tree on the forecourt sheds its leaves, which is what trees do, and the leaves are cleared up as soon as practical. Very often this is by community-minded individuals; those who have pride in the town. At other times it is by the street cleaners, or even just by the wind.

Leaves under the seat.  Click to enlarge.

Leaves under the seat.
Click to enlarge.

However, part of the complaint made was that some of the leaves remained under the seat as if they had been brushed there (see picture) along with claims that they make the town unsightly, and “What’s the Council going to do?”

An idea
You can make your own mind up on those claims but the town website team would like to promote an idea which has been mentioned several times by others in passing.

Helping out
If areas of the town are not to some residents’ satisfaction then perhaps they could, if possible, help out by occasionally picking up any litter seen, removing out of date posters or sweeping up a few leaves. It could even become an enjoyable social activity, maybe also supping a cuppa tea or coffee afterwards? Its just a thought – it could even help keep some costs down as well as making the town tidier.

Indeed while we were talking about the leaves one lady proclaimed – “You know what? I’ll go and get a broom and sweep them up myself”. Such positive attitudes are far better than just complaining and they make for a friendly caring community.

Another thought is that as there are some leaves presently under the seat on the forecourt, maybe someone might like them for compost or have a similar use? We are sure no one would miss them!

These are just ideas. They may or may not have any merit, but we thought they could be shared.

We love our town – and those who help keep it a pleasant place to live deserve our thanks.
However we can all do our bit; every little helps.


Any views expressed above are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those of the Whitchurch Association.