New website for the Whitchurch Town Council.

With the Neighbourhood Plan consultations commencing, the Council has taken an opportunity to look at its web presence and how it communicates with the public.
It has decided to coordinate information on the Plan and on other Town Council work to produce a ‘go to’ web site for information on local government issues affecting the people of Whitchurch.

The Town Mayor Cllr John Clark in his introduction to the new website says:

“the web site brings us bang up-to-date with the ability to meet the latest challenges facing modern-day local government.”

The Council has allocated up to £5000 to produce and support the new site together with software/hardware requirements, confirming its commitment to the importance of good communications. Other sources of funding for the Neighbourhood Plan work have also been identified.

At first the website will focus on the Neighbourhood Plan and the Mayor says:

“in time [it] will provide you with full details of the workings of the Town Council: reports, planning, people, town development…”

The previous site’s structure and design was built and donated by local website volunteers, with news content added by the Councillors and staff, but with the arrival of the Neighbourhood Plan it was decided to employ a company in Andover to carry out the building of the new site.

The new site (although still in early stages) is here:

The original site is here:
(this site will soon be removed).

Meanwhile a suggestion had been made at this week’s Town Council that an apprentice scheme may be looked at to assist with IT provision. This encouraging move to involve others from the community is to be investigated further.


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