Election tick vsmThe Election for Whitchurch Town Councillors due on 2nd May has been declared as “Uncontested”.

It has been determined as “uncontested” as at closure of nominations ten candidates were nominated and seconded for the twelve seats. This means there will be no Election on May 2nd.
The two vacant seats will be available for co-option after the start of the new Council term. The first meeting of the new Council is on Monday May 13th.

The Official Notice states:

ELECTION of Parish Councillors for Whitchurch Town
on Thursday 2nd May 2019

I, Melbourne Barrett, being the Returning Officer at the above election, report that the persons whose names appear below were duly elected Parish Councillors for Whitchurch Town.

BERRIDGE Maurice Clifford
BUCKLEY John Philip
EGAN Sharon
ISBESTER Claire Philippa
JACKMAN Barry John
KLEMZ Andrew Jonathan Bland
NICHOLSON Fiona Margaret
STEPNEY Linda Rosemary
WALL John Gordon Lionel
WOODRUFFE Tracy Michelle

Two Councillors did not re-stand – Cllr Hannah Titcomb and Cllr Tom Phippen.
Cllr Mike Kean resigned last autumn due for personal reasons.
New to the Town Council is Tracy Woodruffe.

Chairman Cllr John Buckley said he has mixed feelings over the result. He is happy that there is some continuation as there is…
“a good committed team of five men and five women, with a range of ages, skills and backgrounds, essential for a balance in making decisions”. However he is also aware that the Council has not attracted more new faces, adding…
“new blood brings in new ideas and can give enhanced energy to a team”.
“It is very sad to lose Hannah and Tom and their input has been more than invaluable. We must also welcome Tracy to the Council and look forward to her contributions to our volunteer roles.”