Election season is clearly upon us with a third looming in as many weeks.
With a vacancy on the Whitchurch Town Council, the 27th May will see the polling stations again open.
There are three candidates standing and each has been asked to produce a statement.

The following has been received from the Town Hall:



  • JUDGE William Neale
  • KEAN Mike
  • THOMAS Linda
  • On 6th May 2010, the 3 candidates, were invited by Town Council e-mail, to give a brief statement, (250 – 300 words) about themselves and why they would like to be a Town Councillor.
    These are the 2 statements received as at 18.05.10.



    I saw the Town Councillor vacancy and thought to myself, could I, if elected, make a positive contribution to life in Whitchurch?

    Having lived here for 25 years or so, I know a reasonable amount of what goes on in the town and being elected to the Town Council will give me the opportunity to try and make that contribution – perhaps along with some new ideas and a fresh approach to tackle some of the issues that affect us living here.

    I’ve worked in Local Government with Hampshire County Council and for the past nine years for the Highways Agency, so I do have a lot of experience working with councils and various politicians as well as with the public. I’m a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, and have worked in the PR and Communications industry most of my life.

    What would I do if elected?

    1. First I’d do a lot of listening to hear what residents and businesses have on their minds about life in Whitchurch.
    2. I would challenge things when appropriate and ask ‘is there a better/another way to resolve this problem?’
    3. I would work with colleagues to find achievable solutions to issues and problems.

    So I would like the opportunity to try and do something positive for Whitchurch, but of course I need your vote on the 27 May.

    Thank your for taking the time to read this.



    My name is LINDA THOMAS. I am one of three candidates standing for the vacancy of town councillor.

    Linda Thomas

    I have lived in Hampshire for 30 years during which time I have worked as a chartered landscape architect in both private practice and local government for Basingstoke and Deane Borough Council and Winchester City Council. I am also a garden designer recently qualified in garden history and historic landscapes.

    At the local level, John and I have lived in Whitchurch for 20 years with our two sons. We enjoy being part of the strong community way of life, which I believe is one of the town’s main strengths. Like many, I have been involved in various voluntary activities and charity events over the years. Designing an outdoor classroom with children at the local primary school, helping out at beaver and cub meetings/camps and providing input for the Whitchurch Design Statement to name but a few.

    I recognise we are fortunate in having local employment and facilities in the town that cover most if not all of our needs from cradle to grave, many within walking distance of our homes. They are a fundamental part of everyday life and highly valued by most people. I am very aware that they need our continued support as individuals and as a community if we want to remain a town with a heartbeat.

    I have no political agenda for standing as town councillor. If elected, my main objective will be to protect and enhance where we live and to support our community way of life for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone who lives and works in the Whitchurch area.

    I would greatly appreciate your support on the 27th May.