B&DBC have confirmed that an election has been requested by at least 10 local residents for the one remaining seat on the Town Council: “We have had a request in writing from 10 electors asking for the vacancy to be filled by election.  Once we have received the Notice of Vacancy from the clerk, we will start the election process rolling.”

Earlier this year, all 12 seats were up for election, but just 11 nominations were made – so they all got in without a need for an election – see story HERE.

Now, though, an election shall be held for the one remaining seat, assuming there is more than one nomination for it.

But things aren’t fully underway yet, B&DBC are waiting for the official ‘Notice of Vacancy’ to arrive in the post. Only then can they start the election process. A nomination form was reported as being lost in the post earlier, which led to the current situation.