The new Mayor Cllr Jackie Day, and her consort Ian Day.

Today is the first full day in the official duties of our new Mayor, as last night Councillor Jackie Day took over the top honour for the town.

At the Town Council’s Annual Meeting in the Town Hall, a very proud Cllr Day was installed into the role to serve the people of Whitchurch for the next 12 months, receiving applause from the full public gallery.

Highlights of the year
Preceding the handover, retiring Mayor Cllr Barry Jackman recalled many of the highlights of the year and paid tribute to many who had helped him in his term of office.
Both Cathy Burt and Pat Cooper, the two stalwarts of Council’s staff, received special mention and received a token of appreciation, with flowers being presented by the retiring Mayoress Sandra Jackman.
The town website team was also particularly proud and honoured to receive appreciation.

A special place
The Mayor holds a special place, as not only do they act as a figurehead for the town, but they also take the Chair of the full Town Council meetings. In a humorous moment while signing the official papers Cllr Day was told that “from this point forward you can’t get out of it”. When she then returned resplendent in the red gowns and chain of office to rapturous applause she announced emotionally that she was “looking forward to a good year”.
Her husband Ian Day was appointed consort to the Mayor, while Cllr Linda Thomas was appointed Deputy Mayor.

The new Mayor chairs her first meeting.

The first meeting
The new Mayor and Chair of the Council, then officiated over her first meeting as Councillors were appointed to various committees and as representatives to outside bodies. With a flourish she announced her first “Meeting Closed”.

Best wishes are sent
The town website wishes Councillor Day the very best wishes for her term of office and hopes to report on her successes in the next 12 months, of which we are sure there will be many. The website also passes its grateful thanks to all the hard work that Councillor Barry Jackman and his wife Sandra undertook for the town and its residents over the last 12 months.
Whitchurch is a fine place to live and work and last night confirmed our town is in good hands.

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