Coming to a bush near you soon.

Regrettably, as was reported at last Monday’s Town Council Meeting, there have been more reports of irresponsible dog owners – with some even throwing deposits into trees, bushes and even over garden boundaries. Not only may your feet, pram tyres and bicycles be at risk but the stuff may now even fall on your head.
The picture shown was taken today within just a few yards of the Primary School where children play. If the bag had been thrown just a little higher it would have landed in the School grounds. (Click to enlarge it at your peril.)

It is believed that most dog-owners are responsible but there are clearly a small minority who are not and act in a wholly anti-social way.

Watch this space as we hope to soon be running an article on what can often be a rather contentious issue.
UPDATE: Article received from Town Council HERE. An article by a dog owner is HERE.

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  • Mike Stead

    from”It is believed that most dog-owners are responsible”

    Well, as a dog-owner I am very thankful for the condescension that I *may* be ‘responsible’, dear anonymous author.

    You even managed some good old-fashioned hysteria: “within just a few yards of the Primary School where children play!”. Why not add ‘WILL NO-ONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN’ for good measure?

    Some context around the issue would be very much appreciated. Like in the UK, just exactly how many children have ever been actually harmed by dog poo, as opposed to, say, cars, stairs, trees, faulty electrical goods, lead paint, obesity, etc etc.

    There are many areas of society where a very small number of antisocial people mean the majority get tarred with the same brush – examples being:

    4×4 owners
    Bored teenagers
    People on disability benefits

    I hope that the website will not resort to uneducated, uninformed, biased reporting of an issue that is close to many residents – as many residents are dog-owners, or have dog-owning relatives/friends.

    If this website supports banning of dogs from Whitchurch because of a few irresponsible owners, I look forward to similar campaigns calling for the banning of cars, HGV’s, sales of alcohol, tobacco…




    *** EDITOR’S NOTE ***
    The article did not mention any “banning of dogs from Whitchurch”.
    However should anyone wish to submit any items on the banning of dogs, cars, HGV’s, sales of alcohol, tobacco, or any other subject please send them for consideration.
    The site also welcomes letters for publication.
    Please note that submissions should preferably relate to Whitchurch and/or the surrounding area.
    Send to

  • Steve Wright

    For me, it isn’t about any harm that it can cause as such, but simply that it is gross.

    I have twice recently had to spend time cleaning our pushchair to rid it of something clearly not mud…

  • Noel Privett

    I think that this debate has taken the wrong path. At the moment, some commentators seem to be saying that there are two groups of people: those who have/control dogs and those who don’t.

    From this, they argue that there must be pro-dog and anti-dog people; and therefore that if you are anti-dog-poo you must also be anti-dog. This is not logical.

    I think what we should be considering is that there are two groups of people, but they form group as follows: those who leave dog poo lying about and those that don’t.

    From this, you can see that there are people who have no responsibility for dogs and so, by that very fact, do not leave dog poo lying about; there are people who do have responsibility for dogs but who pick up the poo after them, and so also do not leave dog poo lying about. Then there are those people who have responsibility for dogs and who do leave dog poo lying about – which is what this debate is about. Is there a fourth group who have no responsibility for dogs but who also leave the poo from these dogs lying about? No, of course not; that is impossible. That group of people cannot exist.

    So, this should not be about people who have dogs versus people who do not. It should be about people who leave dog poo lying about versus those who do not.

    In which case, everyone who has taken part in this online debate is in the first group. And, so, we should not be arguing amongst ourselves, we should be finding a way to change the behaviours of the poo-tolerant offenders.

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