There were only 11 nominations for the Town Council’s 12 seats starting in 2011, according to B&DBC Electoral Services. This means there is no need for an election, they said, however there is to be a referendum on the national alternative voting scheme.

There are 3 people new to the Town Council that were nominated:

  • Claire Isbester
  • Mike Kean
  • Allan Vaughan

The remaining 8 nominated people are already sitting on the Town Council:

  • John Andrew Clark (our current mayor)
  • Jackie Day
  • Michael Fitzgerald
  • Barry Jackman (our current deputy mayor)
  • Paul McGarvey
  • Linda Thomas
  • John Wall
  • Peter Williams

Update 1: Since publishing this article earlier this afternoon, we have heard from one person who said that their nomination papers were sent in last week, but obviously they have gone missing. They said an investigation is ongoing.

Official list of persons nominated in Whitchurch Town (click for larger version)

Update 2: The list of candidates has been published officially by B&DBC and is available from their website HERE. A screenshots of the candidate list for Whitchurch is attached.

Details of the town council are available on their website HERE.