Is Whitchurch Ticket Office set to close? (and see update below)

A leaked report shows that Whitchurch train station’s ticket office could be under serious threat of closure.
The government-commissioned report shows that 675 ticket offices at smaller stations could close; one in four of all ticket offices in England and Wales. The government is expected to respond to the report next month.

There are fears for the future of the Whitchurch office as it appears on the list. It very recently lost its weekend opening, and is presently only open Monday to Fridays 6.00am to 11.15am.

The report recommends that machines are used instead of staff, which is a growing trend.
The machine already at Whitchurch is often difficult to use or out-of-order and suffers from an unreadable screen on sunny days! Neither does it offer the full range of tickets that are available, making purchase very difficult for some rail users. And try asking it for helpful advice…

Closure of the Whitchurch office would be a grave mistake. The station has vastly improved since the appointment of Kevin Durant, who has introduced many enhancements that have made travelling a much more pleasant experience. These range from local history panels and a community notice board, to books and a jigsaw in the waiting room.

Ironically this news also comes at a time when it is believed the station is high in the running for a best station award in ‘Station Pride’. It is believed that it has reached the final stages which would be a fantastic achievement for both Kevin and the town, and our best wishes go for success in the next stage.
UPDATE (8th September)
GREAT NEWS – we have heard that Whitchurch Station is in the FINAL TWO in the ‘Station Pride’ awards for small stations, and is to be judged against Wool station in Dorset later this month. We will keep you all informed on this website.

If anyone would like to support keeping Whitchurch Ticket Office open please contact this website.
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Comments (6)

  • kate muff

    surely although it means that someone is jobless, or having to move stations, it will mean less overheads, which may lead to cheaper fares

  • mary holland

    What about organising a petition? Dont see the sense in closing the station if anything it should be opened longer than what it is at the present moment Crazy!!!!

  • Mary Johnston

    Life isn’t all about money. People count more and Kev is doing such a great job up at Whitchurch Station. Ironic that a ‘Station Pride’ award is a possibility! I think it’s petition time!

  • Kevin Raven

    So if the station office is closed. Who will unlock and lock up the waiting room ?
    Or will it just be left open all the time and will degrade into a vandalised tip, where you would not want to sit.
    Let’s get a petition going.
    Also don’t want to drive to Basingstoke or Andover to renew my season ticket.
    Unless you can feed £4,500 into the machine in pound coins 🙂

  • mary holland

    With regard to the comment from Kate Muff….dont think we will say cheaper fares!!!.

  • Graham Burgess

    Another example of the needs of the public being ignored.
    I remember what we inherited from the Victorians. One arrived at the station and a pleasant and polite person, well- dressed, sold you a ticket.It did not matter whether you bought First Class; Second Class or Third Class you got a seat.
    If you needed help into the train or help with your luggage a well-dressed person was there to help and shut the door .
    The smoke from the engine may have eroded one’s medical quality of life but the damage to real community and quality of life was nothing compared to the innefficient mis-management of social affairs we see everywhere in our community.
    All the “development” that has taken place around the station is a classic case of poor understanding of the quality of life. A special building with a long history,destroyed perfectly safe and beautiful trees killed, neighbours property values eroded considerably.What next ?

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