Whitchurch has a ‘Memorial of the Peace’ – it is the Recreation Ground at Alliston Way, also reached by Rec Alley from Winchester Road.

In time for Remembrance Day, the plaque identifying the Rec as a memorial has been uncovered and restored by Town Mayor Barry Jackman and local artist Steve Miller.

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There are also War Memorials and illustrated Books of Remembrance in All Hallows Church.

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  • The Revd Kelvin Inglis

    The War Memorials commemorating the town’s fallen in the World Wars are in All Hallows Church. Their care is ultimately my responsibility and I take this seriously. Both memorials carry the names of the fallen and stand above illustrated books of remembrance. The books are available for inspection on request. Poppy wreaths are laid at the War Memorials at the ceremonies each Remembrance Sunday.

    The recreation ground was a fine enterprise by which the town marked the longed for peace at the end of the Great War. It is proper to remember this intention and indeed to care for the plaque that explained it.

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