Whitchurch has an outstanding range of groups, clubs, societies and community organisations, all adding to the ever-growing community spirit that the town offers.

Many hands make light work

Whilst many are highly successful, many others struggle along to provide functions that would be sorely missed if they ever disappeared. With time always at a premium and costs forever rising, sharing experiences, resources and simply ideas can all help towards success.

Perhaps it’s help to advertise an event that is needed; maybe you want to borrow a tea urn, or are you looking for a room to use, or even want to know how this website can help you – the needs of a volunteer group or event can often seem endless.

With all this in mind an informal gathering for anyone involved in community activities has been planned, to share ideas, discuss and help each other as much as possible. A problem shared is often a problem halved, or even better solved because someone knew someone who could help!

Everyone is welcome to come along to the White Hart on Monday 26th July at 8pm for an informal and friendly get-together.

Call 01256 895604 / 01256 892650 for any further details, or just turn up.