Whitchurch would seem to have come off quite lightly compared to some other areas which suffered much more damage. Most issues related to disruption to travel with trees down on many local roads and on the railway.

40mph+ winds
Winds were recorded as being 41mph at 5.48am this morning in Whitchurch, which was lower than had been expected, but was still the strongest of the year so far.

Travel disruption
Early morning Stagecoach buses to Basingstoke were being diverted along the A304 to due to fallen trees along the B3400. Overton was being missed out. It is understood this route is now clear.

South West Trains had introduced an emergency hourly service and report over 30 trees across the tracks which are being cleared. However as we write at 12.30, no trains had yet served Whitchurch, so please check with SWT or Live Departures before travelling. (at 12.45 SWT announced a phased reintrodyuction of services).

Meanwhile those who cycled to work were unaffected by the delays and reported very quiet roads on their routes to work in Andover and Overton, making for unexpectedly pleasant journeys, so there was some good news!

Many local residents also chose to work from home or to take leave as the ongoing delays, particularly to train journeys became forever extended.

Being half term it is fortunate that schools were closed or access for students would have been difficult.

Not all is bad…
Meanwhile apples fell from trees with many out collecting their windfalls and there were calls for the cider presses to be brought out early.

The aftermath
Other people used local social media pages to post pictures of the aftermath, including chairs being blown over and playhouses being overturned. Perhaps they were rather tongue in cheek, but Whitchurch seems to have come through it relatively unscathed.

Power Cut
Just as this article is published, news of a power cut just along the road in Freefolk has been received.

At 7.30pm it is understood that the power has not yet been restored to Wells-in-the-Field.

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  • Lyn Fuoco

    The wind did manage to pick up a large 8 seat wooden table and the 8 chairs that were stacked on top of it and the cover, moved it off the bricks it was standing on and moved it approx 18″ to 2ft across the patio.
    Not easy as it weighed a considerable amount.

  • Neil Hopkins

    We’ve had no power in Wells-in-the-Field since 1.30 (sending this at 7.30 pm) with no information whatsoever about when it might be restored —- and we ARE part of Whitchurch! So actually, not all parts of the town came through unscathed.

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