Ruby’s story – a brave young lady

Remember the cast?

Many will remember that last year we ran a number of articles about a brave young lady who suffered from Hip Dispraxia and of her devoted family and friends who raised the funds required for a special wheelchair, through raffles, cycle rides, even a sponsored waxing!

Ruby with her chair, hospital staff, and Mum Sal, (centre)

Since then Ruby Lavender has had her operations and has been making fantastic progress, while the wheelchair has now been passed on for others to use.
We have received an update (and some pictures) from her Mum, Sal, who said she was “not great with wordsO”, asking us to re-word the story (see below).

We disagree and think that Sal’s note expresses the joy wonderfully, so we reproduce it here in full along with her pictures.

From Ruby’s Mum…

Ruby stayed so chirpy through her time in hospital and was so pleased to come out with the spica chair so she could get out and about and see all her friends round Whitchurch.
It was a godsend for us as well to keep active and social. After her cast ca
me off she worked hard at getting back on her feet and went from strength to strength.

Ruby and her walking frame.

We handed the Chair over to Southampton Hospital and it has now helped out many more children and their families. Ruby has now started school and has been supported by her friends and teachers as she was not allowed to run and jump about to give the bone graph time to heal.

On Friday we went to the hospital for x-rays and a meeting with her surgeon and were told the wonderful news that her hip was going well and there was even some growth, which is great. The best news was being told Ruby could now run around and jump and do all the things a 4 year old should do.

The smile on her face was priceless.

We went straight to her school (Whitchurch Primary) to tell her teacher Mrs Sabine who had been waiting for the news. All her friends ran up and cuddled her, and with lots of smiles all round it was a wonderful moment.

Proud in her Primary School uniform.

Knowing what everyone has done to help Ruby and other children like her and how loved she is in the community and at her school is such a heart warming thing and we can never thank everyone enough for the support and kinds they have all shown.
Ruby can’t wait to get back to school after the holidays and run around with all her friends.

We once again would like to thank our wonderful Whitchurch community for everything they did to help last year with fund raising support and kindness.

It is something I know myself and my family will never forget.

Thank you.

Mrs Lavender


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