The ‘British Rock’ a piece of Preseli bluestone that is moving around the UK has arrived in Whitchurch on it’s journey towards the International Peace Garden across the Atlantic.

Having arrived from Salisbury, it will now stay at the entrance to the Millennium Meadow until the 9th October when it will leave on the next stage of its journey to Waltham Abbey where it will take part in the birthday celebrations of King Harold.

A group called the Friendship Circle is helping co-ordinate the rock’s journey across the UK and its eventual journey to North America. Its final resting place is to be the International Peace Garden, on the 49th Parallel dividing the USA from Canada, where it will be joined by rocks from other countries.
Graham Burgess of the Friendship Circle said:
“Wherever you stand, beneath you is rock and this is one of the things we all share in common across the world. But the other is human friendship.”

Touch the Rock
Graham is encouraging local residents to ‘touch the rock’ as a symbol of Human Friendship. A special Gathering Day has been arranged for Saturday 15th September when 24 different ‘gatherings’ will take place at 10-minute intervals from 10.00am. This will commence with a visit by the Mayor and Carnival Queen and run through the day incorporating ‘symbolic touching’. These will be recorded for the international website.

Programme for the Gathering Day:
10.00 : Mayor / Carnival Queen
10.10 : Scots
10.20 : Irish
10.30 : Northerners
10.40 : Naval
10.50 : Army
11.00 : Youngest
11.10 : Child Minder Groups
11.20 : Oldest
11.30 : Kiwis
11.40 : Turkish
11.50 : Indian
12.00 : Chinese
12.10 : Japanese
12.20 : Americas
12.30 : Russian
12.40 : Churches Together
12.50 : Walking for Health
13.00 : Politicians
13.10 : Publicans
13.20 : Blind
13.30 : Deaf
13.40 : Special Groups
13.50 : Artists

Graham also invites people to make a ‘personal and private’ visit before the rock leaves on 9th October.

Further details are HERE

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  • lyn fuoco

    erm why do “northerners come under a special heading…Im from up north but dont think Im special my husband Italian does he have to come at a special time ….lol

  • Graham Burgess


    You can come anytime but if you want to come on that day why not come at 13.40? I will be inviting a Catalan Lady also, so the Europaen theme can apply.

    Those times are only so I have a better chance of getting pictures to go up on the website.

    If anyone wants to have a special visit for photography (The Welsh have been on to me) just call me 01256 89 2837.

    The International Peace Garden is only there because of a Northerner. The border between USA and Canada was discussed in the 18th centrury by a Scot.

    All I want to show is how mixed a bag of folk, mostly friendly, we have in Whitchurch.

    A lot of folk have touched already and the essence is the purity of just touching and thinking kindly.


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