Signage in the Square.

Today a steady stream of drivers were discovering that the Newbury Road Railway bridge has indeed been closed to motor vehicles and that diversions are now in place.

Despite a number of prominent road signs many, approaching from both north and south, many were still finding themselves confronted by a line of signs, large traffic cones and lights blocking their way.

The closure is for replacement of the existing brick bridge to allow higher freight containers to use the railway. The aim is to reduce the number of lorries on the roads.

The approach from the south.

The work was originally planned for the autumn but a considerations for a protected species of wildlife, in the form of a dormouse habitat, caused a delay.

The approach from the north.

The official closure is for four months, with road closure possible until 4th May, followed by off peak closure until 4th June.

Note: The closure does not apply to cycles or pedestrians as a temporary footbridge has been provided. Unfortunately signage to indicate this has not yet been erected.
This footbridge also carries essential services which will be incorporated into the bridge once that has been constructed.

Night time approach.

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