There has been a steady stream of voters today at the polling station in the Gill Nethercott Centre for the Referendum on the voting system.
In what is only the second UK-wide referendum to be held, voters are choosing whether to keep the First Past the Post system or to switch to the Alternative Vote.

The polls opened at 7.00am this morning and stay open until 10.00pm tonight.
Don’t leave it until the last minute though, as you cannot be issued with a ballot paper after 10.00pm even if you arrived earlier.
Note also that you do not need to take your polling card with you, so if you have mislaid it, you can still vote.

Counting starts at 4pm tomorrow (Friday) with the final result expected at around 8.00pm.

There is no Town Council election as had been expected this year with only 11 candidates standing for the 12 seats (although one seemed to have been mislaid).