Dog Fouling Notice sm
Once again a number of complaints have been made about Dog Mess in the area.

Did you know that DNA testing is now possible to determine the offending dog and thus enable the owner to be traced?

This option has been raised locally – indeed there may already be testing underway.

Dog owners who do not pick up faeces which are then left for others to suffer, or who do pick up and then throw bags over walls and hedges into gardens may find themselves receiving notices of fines dropping through their letter boxes or even summonses to court being presented.

Most Dog owners in Whitchurch are very responsible and are to be commended for clearing up. However there are a small number who are not.

Those that don’t pick up have been warned.


Dog Poster 1 QXPOSTERS
Meanwhile Whitchurch Town Council is re-issuing a range of posters which children from the Primary School previously designed in an attempt to try and alleviate the problem.

They can be downloaded here for display (three styles):
Dog Poster by Viktorija
Dog Poster by Saskia
Dog Poster by Alice

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council are responsible for most cleaning of paths. Dog fouling can be reported through their website.
They say:

  • It is an offence not to clean up after your dog in any street or public area in the borough. You could be given a fixed penalty fine of £50.
  • In some parks there are special bins for dog waste but generally litter bins should be used for this purpose.
  • Dog fouling will be removed within 24 hours if in a play area and within five working days for all other areas.

You can report instances of dog fouling here: REPORT DOG FOULING