In this day and age, the word “legend” gets bandied around all too easily. However, if anyone is deserving of it within the world of music, it’s Martin Carthy (MBE). This, after all, is the man who – way back in the 1960s – taught Bob Dylan how to play many of the songs that he twisted into compositions for his first few albums. This is the man who taught Paul Simon how to play ‘Scarborough Fair’. He’s also the man who invented some of the guitar tunings that players often use. As far as modern-day performers goes, they don’t come much more legendary and more influential than Martin Carthy.

In February this year, the Whitchurch Folk Club brought Martin and his daughter (Eliza Carthy) to perform at a sold-out gig in the Parish Hall. The organisers were somewhat overwhelmed by the response, with one audience member summing up the emotions on the night in an email that said, “never in my lifetime did I expect to see a performance like that, and right here on my doorstep, too.”

What to do in the face of a response like that? Well, the obvious answer is to book him again.

Even at the ripe old age of 76, Martin Carthy refuses to rest on his laurels. The Folk Club have just announced a return appearance, but this time he’ll be bringing his old mate, John Kirkpatrick, to perform with him. John (the father of Fautus’s Benji Kirkpatrick – a local favourite here in Whitchurch) is a former member of Steeleye Span, and is commonly recognised as one of the finest concertina and accordion players in the country. Together, they have a repertoire of traditional English folk songs and tunes that is unparalleled. To have them here together in Whitchurch is quite a coup. We can’t wait.

The gig will take place at the Parish Hall on January 16th, 2019, from 7:30pm. While that may seem a long way off, the Whitchurch Folk Club are putting ‘early bird’ tickets on sale this weekend. While June lasts, tickets will cost £15 for adults and £10 for under 18s. From July 1st, they’ll go up to £18 for adults and £13 for under 18s.

You can book your tickets by heading to www.whitchurchfolk.club.