It was an evening for woolly hats and thick scarves as the crowd assembled for the annual switch on of the Christmas lights.
This year there was a special attraction – new lights on the Town Hall had been installed, and with music and carols from Testbourne Orchestra and Singing For Fun, the crowds waited expectantly for the traditional countdown.

“10 – 9 – 8” the throng called out. “3 – 2 – 1…”
Luke Roberts of Channel 5’s Hi-5 and Brian Wheeler, known for his exploits in Star Wars and Harry Potter, joined the Town Mayor and Carnival Queen in pressing the button to loud cheers from the Square. Luke and Brian are starring in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs pantomime being performed at the Anvil in Basingstoke.

Themed scrolls

Several of the shops stayed open, many themed with seasonal scrolls in their windows, a brainchild of Christmas coordinator Pauline from the Bridal Shop.

Decorated windows

Lights twinkled and decorations sparkled as happy faces enjoyed the displays, while youngsters visited Santa in the Kingsley’s Grotto.

There were also Craft Fairs and refreshments at both the Gill Nethercott Centre and the Silk Mill, where lanterns lined the bridge and river bank, while the Methodist Church shared out Christmas cheer.

New lights under a starry sky.

Gifts at the Mill.

The new lights are a great improvement, and with the windows of the Town Hall now changing through a range of colours, the town has rarely looked better for the festive season.
The whole evening was put together by a wide range of businesses, groups and individuals who all want Whitchurch to be a pleasant place to enjoy.

Christmas has been well-and-truly launched in Whitchurch!

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  • Malcolm McDonald

    Every year seems to bring improvements and more enthusiasm. The Testbourne band were very professional. Thanks to Singing for Fun who turn up every year no matter what the weather and get the evening started with a few carols. Most of all I would like to thank Geoff Coffin of Planned Lighting Maintenance of Whitchurch for the kind donation, designing and instalation of the new LED lights. It is help like this from local companies which shows commitment to the community. Thanks to everyone who participated.

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