Bin the Incinerator 1As concerns over the building of an Incinerator just 3.5 miles from Whitchurch Square are increasing, Wheelabrator the American company that intents to build the plant has announced a series of public ‘consultations’.

The proposed Incinerator is said to be larger than Battersea Power Station and would be placed in the countryside near the River Test just the other side of Longparish. Whitchurch would be directly under any emission output and there could be other effects such as greater HGV traffic, harmful emissions, possible health effects, property devaluations and a blight on the surrounding countryside and farmland.
These would all have to be mitigated in some way.

THIS IS JUST 3.5 MILES FROM THE CENTRE OF WHITCHURCH (and just 2.6 miles from the Parish boundary)

The Whitchurch Consultation is to be held…

TUESDAY 12th NOVEMBER, 5.00pm – 9.00pm
The Gymnasium
Testbourne Community School, Micheldever Road, RG28 7JF

There are other consultation events anyone can attend too. The full list of is:
Incinerator Meetings Nov2019

Keep Test Valley Beautiful have issued a detailed statement which included the following:

Wheelabrator today (17th October 2019) published the Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) which is the first official public facing step in the planning process. The community consultation will take place between Nov 1st and December 12th along with a series of public consultation events listed here. With your help, your local action group Keep Test Valley Beautiful (KTVB) believe we can stop it.

Wheelabrator are now pushing ahead with their plans and, if they succeed an industrial monstrosity, reputedly as tall as Battersea Power Station and big enough to contain Winchester Cathedral twice over, could be heading our way. This massive building will be sitting like a malevolent ogre between Longparish and Barton Stacey, glowering at us all in our local villages and communities and, at times, blasting out plumes of vapour that will be visible tens of miles away!

Here are some ideas as to how you can help the campaign:

• Prepare for the public consultation due to start on 1st November
• Diarise the Wheelabrator Public Consultation Events
• Read the Statement of Community Consultation and other supporting documents that Wheelabrator have to provide as part of the consultation process – These will be available online and available to view in various locations around the area including in Whitchurch and Andover.
• Consider your concerns and objections – we will be publishing a list of suggested areas you might want to consider
• Most importantly, once you have seen the consultation, respond to Wheelabrator advising them of as many concerns and questions about the proposal as you can. Advice on how to do this will be available from us and also on our website:

Sadly, it’s now very clear Wheelabrator are pressing ahead with their proposal to build their energy to waste incinerator near the Barton Stacey junction on the A303 between Longparish and Barton Stacey, next door to the Raymond Brown waste recycling site.

Earlier this year, KTVB, a group of concerned people from our local communities and villages, got together with one aim: TO STOP THE INCINERATOR, or, as our logo puts it BIN THE INCINERATOR

KTVB has set up a number of smaller teams to move this aim forward:

• a Research Team, to build a convincing, relevant and evidence-based case against the proposal which will be credible with the Planning Inspectorate and the Secretary of State
• a Communications (Comms) Team to build public awareness, mobilise public opinion, and engage with the media.
• a Relationship Building team to talk to, build relationships with and work with politicians, local authorities, and environmental organisations.

Now Wheelabrator are pressing ahead, a small steering committee has been set up within KTVB

To fight this proposal we have a number of powerful arguments which include:

• Environment and ecological issues,
• Water resources and hydrogeology issues,
• Landscape and visual impact issues,
• Transport infrastructure issues,
• Lack of market for heat,
• No nearby national grid connection
• Risks of major accident in relation to the MOD helicopter training
• Potential breach of local and national planning policies.

These arguments are specific to this site. We have been advised that these are the ones most likely to influence the Planning Inspectorate and Secretary of State who will ultimately decide whether or not the project goes ahead.

This leads us to the conclusion that, when we get to the examination phase, the overarching argument we should use to stop this proposal is simply: it is in the wrong place.

But there are many other extremely important and relevant concerns, such as air pollution, health issues, and an increasingly strong view that this is the wrong way to go in terms of clean energy, climate protection and better recycling. At this consultation stage, we would encourage everyone to raise all their concerns on all issues in whatever way they feel is right. It is vital that as many views and comments are received as possible.

If you believe someone else has already made the same comments and that maybe you don’t need to, please think again.

Our immediate focus is on this consultation.
This is our one and only opportunity for us all to raise our concerns and ask questions direct to Wheelabrator. To do so is vital in many ways, not least for the fact that Wheelabrator is legally obliged to consider all questions raised during the consultation phase and has to provide a response to each and every one with their application.

With your help and the support of everyone, and with all of us working together, we hope and believe that we can achieve our aim – that we can Bin the Incinerator and Keep Test Valley Beautiful.

Bin the Incinerator 2