Orchard 02 smWhitchurch now has a community orchard, thanks to the Friends and supporters of the QEII Field at Daniel Park.
Saturday dawned a beautiful day and the crowds came out to help, with over 100 people taking part in the digging and planting.
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The work started
Spades went to work as over 30 trees were planted in the area between Daniel Road and the Skatepark. Families and groups came out to help, warmed by the refreshments which aptly included mulled cider.

Orchard 01a sm

Many had dedicated a tree to a loved one, a friend or another cause, and had come to join in the ‘commemoration’.

Orchard 04 smHoles were dug
Caroline Barber and Linda Thomas marshalled the volunteers as holes were dug and trees planted, while the sun shone down on the field that has been dedicated as free of development as part of the Queen’s Jubilee year.

Orchard 07 smSupport and enthusiasm
Support had come from many, including the Borough Council who had supplied trees, the Town Council who arranged insurances, Hardy’s who helped with the digging and equipment, Yum Yums for the refreshments and many others too.
Orchard 05 smBut above all it was the mass of enthusiastic people who made the day one to remember (see link below for a special thank you).
There was a very special ‘air’ about the event which saw the Whitchurch friendliness and community spirit shining through.

Orchard 04b smOfficial opening – and music
The Mayor and Mayoress officially opened the orchard while the Andover Loft Singers provided musical entertainment.

Orchard 03 sm



While the singing wafted over the field the final hole filling was completed and tree planted, then backs stretched, wellies packed and memories of another good Whitchurch day stored.

Now we await the fruit and some cider made from the apples. Then there will be more celebrations.

A Big Thank you

More photos: click HERE.

The Friends have sent a special thanks to all who have helped

See: THANK YOU from the ‘Friends’


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