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The new bridge over the railway line at Newbury St takes shape

Just a week after the old bridge was knocked down, the main structure of its replacement is now in place!

The bridge was assembled from pieces that were prefabricated off-site, including in Ireland then shipped (and trucked) in.

A huge crane lifted the heavy pieces into place over the past week, first some spanning arches then the concrete walls with brick sides.

There is still much more left to do – including filling in the huge gaps leading from the road to the new bridge and laying the roadway itself. Pipes and cables still also have to be transferred back from the temporary foot bridge.


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Kevin Durant clears snow from platform 1.

As we reported last Monday, the historic, and locally-listed station house suffered a burst pipe during the cold weather. Specialty contractors have now been on-site and are in the process of removing the asbestos that was throughout the building, and exposed by the flooding waters.

Meanwhile, you can purchase your tickets at the machine or from Kevin Durant who is keeping warm in the waiting room over on platform 1. That is, when he isn’t out shovelling the snow and spreading the salt.

( If you have any photos showing the crane lifting the pieces into place then do get in touch if you’d like them shown here: )

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  • Mary Johnston

    Kevin Durant deserves a medal!

  • The Mayor and Mayoress

    Thanks again for a brillient article keeping us all up to date.

    Good news that the railway building is being repaired and it will be even better news when we hear that the booking office is again open.

    Maybe this leak was a blessing in disguise, with the asbestos removed so is one of the reasons that has kept the residential part of the building closed.

    Many thanks Kevin for all you do in making the travel experience from our local train station such a pleasant and safe one.


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