The Community IT Library is moving a step closer.

The equipment won from BT as part of reward for winning the UK Race to Infinity for Faster Broadband is beginning to be delivered.

Part of the IT Library

£3800 was awarded to Whitchurch for a Community IT Library to be overseen by the Whitchurch Association, the local community charity. £1200 was also awarded to the Whitchurch Primary School for film-making equipment and for the installation of improved wifi access.

This week the town has received several deliveries including a digital projector and large screen, a high-end camcorder, a laptop and computer tablets, and various sundries.
These will be available for use by local residents, groups and organisations through the Whitchurch Association.

Have you ever wanted to make a music video of your local band, or record that community event? Do you have a project that requires filming, recording or editing? Do you want to put on a talk or workshop that requires projection facilities? Do you have a local history or survey project that you wish to progress?
All these will soon be easier to undertake.

Details of the management of the ‘IT Library’ are presently being finalised before a ‘launch’ of the town’s new facility.

Primary School Award…
Meanwhile the Primary School will soon be installing its award from the Prize and we hope to report on that soon.

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