It sounds like a film title, but its not!
Twelfth night has now passed and there are only 354 days to next Christmas!

Over the last few days trees were stripped of their baubles, decorations were taken down from ceilings and wreaths packed away.
Some of course still remain – is it unlucky to take decorations down early? Or is it unlucky to leave them up?

Whitchurch enjoyed one of its best Christmases with the retailers getting together and arranging the fantastic launch evening with the grand lights switch on and the exciting window competitions. But hidden support went on in the background too, as local traders donated prizes, decorations were put up by businesses and residents, events were run, and even our Mayor was up the ladder helping with the lights which had been funded by a previous SEEDA grant to the town.

Most Christmas items can be recycled

Leftovers? Recycling?
But what of the aftermath? What can be done with the ‘leftovers’?
The real trees are of course recyclable and can be shredded to make the soil conditioner Pro-Grow. Basingstoke Council has set up 21 drop-off points where trees can be left at any time up to Sunday 29th January. So if yours didn’t have roots and you are not planting it in the garden you can take it down to the Winchester Road Car Park, by the Gill Nethercott Centre.


Christmas cards can kept and recycled into gift tags or labels for next year, or they can be dropped into Marks & Spencers or TK Maxx stores where funds from their recycling will go towards planting trees by the Woodland Trust.

Bottles and glass
And don’t forget that all those bottles from the Christmas drinks that were enjoyed can go into the glass recycling bins at the Gill Nethercott Centre and Bell Street Car Park.

Gift wrapping
But what about all that gift wrapping? Unfortunately this cannot be recycled as it is usually poor quality paper with plastic or foil coatings. It needs to go into the ordinary rubbish bin from where it will be taken to the Chineham Incinerator and converted to energy for electric power.

And last of all – all that enthusiasm and goodwill can also be recycled into more worthwhile fun activities in the town.
What will be next?
Who knows.

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