The Whitchurch Community Arts Project – the Whitchurch Bollards – has reached a major milestone with decoration of the 20th bollard in the town, and it has a very special meaning to one very talented artist.
This week work commenced on the painting in the Square on a decoration submitted from a local care facility.

Kingfisher Bollard (Click to enlarge)

Kingfisher Day Centre, is a local charity that provides care, support and social interaction for elderly people in the area, and they ran a competition in conjunction with the Arts Project to create a design.
There was much fun and creative enjoyment, as several works of art were produced by those who attend the Centre.

A worthy winner
The worthy winner was a very creative lady, Pearl Friend, an 80-year old ex-teacher who has been attending the Day Centre for around 7 years. Pearl has produced some amazing artwork and this will be a tremendous boost to her self confidence.

Pearl’s vibrant design incorporates a Kingfisher amongst planting on a river edge and will be a colourful addition to the Whitchurch Street scene. As well as depicting a local wildlife feature and promoting the Day Centre, the bollard design is a recognition of the many talents that many of our more elderly residents hold.

Julia Cobb who works at the Centre says

“Our clients love seeing all the colourful bollards, which they can see when they are in our mini-bus coming into and from the Centre.”

Visitors to the town are also often fascinated by the scheme and have brought groups from other areas to see the idea. It has also gained interest from other towns, including from overseas.

The project gained much news coverage last year when a local election candidate controversially claimed there were to be only five decorated for the £6000, a grant that came to the town from SEEDA.

More to come…
This 20th bollard by Pearl is not the last as there are many more still to be decorated adding more interest and colour to Whitchurch.

For pictures of other bollards see the BOLLARD GALLERY.