You need never go hungry…

Despite the loss of two pubs recently, Whitchurch still has a renowned reputation for a good selection of hostellries and eating establishments for its modest size.
Many people who like to pop out for an evening drink often like to obtain a meal or snack and the end of their night out. You can’t deny it – most have experienced that feeling!

Excellent beers can now be supplemented by Andy's 'out-of-hours menu'..

One enterprising local pub is now helping to answer that ‘late-night-craving’, by providing more choice to the customer.

For some time now, the White Hart Hotel has been offering a number of excellent takeaway meals such as good value fish and chips, or sausages and chips, but now, in an innovative move, is expanding its service to the later hours.

So starting tonight night (Friday 11th May)…

Andy’s out of hours menu, eat in or take away on Friday & Saturday nights 11.30pm until 1am, Burgers, Baps, Nachos and more!!!

What a good reason to pop down the pub!

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