Tesco proposes an external ATM (green), moving the disabled bay, and installing 4 bollards.

Tesco is proposing to install an external ATM at their Tesco Express store on Winchester Street.

The plans were submitted to B&DBC for their approval. A decision is expected mid-September. The public is invited to comment on the application, as views will be taken into consideration when B&DBC decide on the proposal.

Cllr Keith Watts said, “I wrote to Tesco on 31st October 2009 asking them to consider installing an external ATM…Now Tesco have decided to remove the Alliance & Leicester machine from inside the shop and to install a Tesco Bank ATM outside. I welcome this and feel ‘disposed’ (as the lawyers say) to support the planning application.”

The plans show the ATM to be installed in the area where the disabled parking bay is currently. Four bollards will be installed around it, too – it is unclear if they will be incorporated into the town’s Community Art Project.

The submitted proposal includes a detailed study of traffic and parking patterns around the site.

As it is in the Conservation Area, a separate application is expected, which will cover issues relating to conservation matters. Update: B&DBC have stated that Conservation Area Consent is not required for this proposal.

As previously reported, the external ATM located at the former HSBC bank in the Town Hall is scheduled for removal in late August or early September when the lease runs out.

You can add your comments to the application at B&DBC website HERE. The full application BDB/74609 is HERE.

Our story earlier this month about the closure of the HSBC ATM is HERE.

Information about the Community Art Project, which encourages locals and businesses to create and paint designs on the town’s bollards, is at WHITCHURCH BOLLARDS.