The Tesco Express has been the target of thieves, just a week after a major burglary at a house on Lynch Hill Park.

Two men in their twenties dashed out of the shop at 5:15pm this evening with four baskets full of mince, steaks, champagne and chocolates. A store employee gave chase and recovered two of the baskets. Another witness came into the shop shortly afterwards who said the men had gotten into a car parked nearby.

A Tesco Express employee who remained in the shop during the chase said, “This was the first robbery we have had in this shop since someone tried to clear out all our meats half a year ago”.

A local resident at the scene said, “I had just entered the shop with my family when two men in their 20s came around the end aisle, where the magazines are. I noticed that they were carrying quite full baskets as they past by me and directly out of the shop. Next thing, the chap behind the counter rang the bell to alert his colleague who then took chase yelling at them to stop.”

Another employee added, “They did seem to be hanging around the back of the shop, so I had my eye on them.”

Last Sunday, a house on Lynch Hill Park was broken into while the owners were away. Several items of value were taken. A police officer based in Basingstoke said at the time it was the worst robbery she had dealt with for a while.

If you have any information about these incidents then please contact the Safer Neighbourhoods Police Team on ‘101’ or by email at